Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Home & Garden Tips - Axes, Lamps & Log Siding

Not to get too far off the course of business, but I've made some additions to my home and office lately and thought it would be worth running them down as I've been very happy with both.

First, I added some new log siding to our guest house (which is laid out neatly in a wooded area) and it really does look fantastic. We added cedar paneling to three rooms and have been amazed how these subtle changes have really changed the look of the place. Town & Country supplied the materials and my in laws provided the labor. A fabulous addition for sure!

On the exterior we also added some gorgeous electric lanterns that add a certain majestic touch that it would otherwise lack. We've received nothing but compliments on this thus far and I'm also happy we chose to go with electric in stead of gas lanterns. I'm a bit of a fire-a-phobe, if such a word exists. Which brings me to my next point as someone who once escaped a burning building...

There is an issue about shattering toughened car window screens in accidents. However, I think there is also a case for tackling this problem in the home. Many doors and windows are made from toughened double glazing which makes it tremendously difficult to break through in the event of a fire.

Some thing like this emergency hammer is perfect for keeping under the bed at night just in case.

The features of this Draper Emergency Hammer include:

• Shatters automotive and domestic glass.

• Cuts through automotive seat belts.

• Hardened carbon steel hammer striking point with tough ABS plastic contoured handle for user comfort.

• Supplied with mounting rack and fixings.

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